Zefal HPX pump review

Zefal HPX Pump

Zefal Hpx pump review.

Even though many modern tyres are more puncture resistant than ever before, even though workshop pumps are now reasonably priced so that the majority have got one at home to get their tyres rock hard with ease, even though many bike frames will not accept them, the demand for a quality frame fit pumps remains high.

I think it must go back to the days when the risk of punctures was higher that I still insist in having a good quality well made frame fit pump that I can take with me on a ride and that is both reliable and capable of 100 plus PSI. I dare say others have experienced the same anxiety at some stage when grovelling home alone on a cold wet night having suffered a puncture in the middle of no where, hoping that this will not be the occasion when struggling with the last few pushes of the handle to get to maximum pressure that disaster strikes; when suddenly the air back fires into the barrel with such force it catapults the end of it over a hedge; leaving the rider stranded by the roadside with bottom lip a quivering.

Zefal HPX pump fitting

Zefal HPX fits into the frame.

I recall one similar occasion, when fortunately not alone, immediately after boasting that I was just so skilled in the pumping up department that I did not need one of these new fang dangled pumps, no sooner said when it all went wrong, leaving me sheepishly clutching the exploded remains of my beautiful colour coordinated Silca frame fit pump in each hand after it had done exactly as described above! On this occasion my friend, who I had just been boasting to, reluctantly allowed me, the destroyer of pumps, his new pride and joy; a Zefal HPX 2 frame fit pump. Moments later I realised what a revelation it was, I knew instantly that my life would never be the same, a life long anxiety was about to diminish, nightmares would fade to a distant memory and I could cancel my next counselling session at the Priory and go for a ride through draw pin alley instead.

This pump is amazing, it can be adapted to either Presta or Schrader, once pushed onto the valve a lever locks it in place, 100 psi plus becomes achievable with ease, pressures seldom obtainable with older pumps; so why? Well firstly as soon as you pick it up you can feel that it is an extremely well made piece of kit with a solid and substantial engineered feel to it. Secondly on top of the handle you will see two settings, ‘X’ for when located on the bike, allowing the pump to compress down under tension to a smaller size just like a more traditional pump and for the same reason, enabling it to fit inside the diamond pattern of the frame, the spring tension then holding it in place. The second setting is the ‘HP’ high pressure setting, it is this feature that was new, it transforms the pump, no longer does it feel spring like, everything becomes far more solid and accurate, never do you feel that the air will be forced back into the slim alloy barrel. The whole task can be done without any struggle and drama, especially in the last few moments just as you reach the maximum pressure, you never feel that it could all go horribly wrong and leave you stranded; this pump really was a revelation.

Zefal HPX can be adapted to either Presta or Schrader

There are smaller pumps, lighter pumps and prettier pumps, but this one, providing you can fit it to the bike takes some beating. It set a new standards and remains one of the best; if not still the best frame fit pump available.


Written and reviewed by Paul Smith for roadcyclinguk.com