Carradice Super C Rack Bag

Carradice Super C rack bag

Carradice Super C Rack Bag review.

Saddle bags have been popular for years, although many now use Rack Top bags. Whereas a saddle bag fits widthways across the bike, pannier top bags fit along the pannier rack and many now use these in preference as they feel they are more convenient to use, look neater and are more streamlined.

Carradice of Nelson, Lancashire, make the ‘Super C Rack top bag‘. Requiring no bag loops, it simply just sits on top of the pannier rack, a Velcro strap and seat pin elastic securing sufficiently. Nelson stick with their tried and tested ‘Cotton Duck’ material which has proved over years to be waterproof and extremely durable. ‘Cotton Duck’ can withstand literally years of daily use. I used a ‘Cotton Duck’ saddlebag on my commute bike for twenty years and even then I only stopped using it as it looked shabby! Comparatively delicate features like vulnerable zips are not used as they will fail long before the bag is worn.

The Super C Rack Top is 36.5cm long, 21 cm high and 16cm deep with 13 litres capacity. It boasts a single large compartment, accessed by a flap-over lid. An internal draw cord cover makes this a weather resistant overnight or day ride bag. It also has one external rear pocket making a handy compartment for a compact camera or tube and mini tool kit.

Carradice Super C Rack Bag

Carradice Super C rack bag and bar bag

Although ‘Cotton Duck’ is waterproof, technically the construction isn’t, as the seams are not taped. In reality however the material expands when wet closing the stitch holes to make the bag watertight. I recall touring in the Picos de Europa in Spain one very hot summer. Wanting to ride through the Spanish siesta time, I decided to take a couple of two litre plastic bottles full of water in one of my panniers. One bottle split and the pannier impressively

held the water just like a bucket.

In all cases, no matter what bag you use, I recommend that vulnerable items are carried in a poly’ bag ; moisture is in the air, after all, plus bags can sweat at bit, especially in hot showery conditions. In conclusion this is quite simply a superb product and one of the few items in the cycle industry that still made in Britain by a British owned company.

Written and reviewed by Paul Smith for