Polaris MapTrap review

Polaris MapTrap review

With Audax and Etape riding ever increasing in popularity over unfamiliar roads, many of us now like to display maps and route sheets in such as way that we can simply glance down at them to navigate quickly as we ride along.

One of the most popular ways of holding this information has been designed by Chris Juden, the experienced technical editor of the CTC and called a ‘MapTrap‘ and now made by ‘Polaris‘ it is essentially a clear Perspex clip that has been designed to ‘trap’ the map, a bit like a big clear bulldog clip. Held securely in place with three zip ties, two on the bar and one along the stem, the information can be located conveniently just where it is needed for that quick glance down on route. At only 10cm long by 5 cm wide it is neat enough to not be to intrusive when not in use, I no longer bother remove mine when riding on familiar roads, although the zip ties with care can be removed for those who may want to.

Space grip and Maptrap the perfect combo

At that size the Map is not covered completely of course, more just clipped in place, so recommend that the map is put in a clear waterproof bag to protect from the elements; appropriate sized clear sealable freezer bags are ideal. I personally use the latter when using route sheets, the MapTrap as the name suggests is design to clamp a folded map, the Perspex does not clamp a single thickness route sheet so I use a bag to increase thickness sufficiently.

Many also use the MapTrap in connection with a ‘Space Grip’, as although there is normally leave enough space for a computer to be fitted on the bars, the map will normally obscure it, applies even more so when route sheets with mileage reference points are used of course.


Written and reviewed by Paul Smith for roadcyclinguk.com