Nitezone Redeye Micro LED

NITEZONE Redeye Micro LED Front Light

Nite Zone have made an led not good enough to be used as a stand alone cycle lamp; sounds like a complete a waste of time then; so do you need to prepare yourself for poor review? Well if you are looking for a suitable led for the regular commute home then read no further as these indeed are not for you.

But, if you are a rider who like many has a bike that you intend to use with no lights on, perhaps your race bike; you may be out for a ride intending to get home well before dark and therefore no need for lights, but for whatever reason you are slightly behind schedule and the last few miles the light begins to fade to a level where you wish that you had at least something; then these may just be the thing for you.

They came to my attention on just such an occasion, I was touring from the Channel to the Med across France, in the Massif Centrale our group was caught in a storm, the kind that turns day into dusk, feeling vulnerable as I came down a long pass I couldn’t help notice that one of the riders ahead had a rear lamp, it was only when I caught them up that I could see that they were using a pair, white and red being available, until that time I had even noticed they were fitted; I was completely sold.

They are so small that I leave them on all the time, I even have one as you can see on my key ring, the elastic strap used to attach it to my key ring doubling up as the bracket when fitted to my bike. To attach simply loop the elastic strap round the bars, seat tube, chain stay or even seat pack strap and slot in to the groove, the back of the unit being curved slightly, to a degree that on handlebars it stays exactly where you out it. When not in use I simply spin the led under the bars, it is then almost out of sight and mind and ready for use on that odd occasion that I need to use them. I have even used them for a time trial when it was a bit on the misty side!

In conclusion no I would not like to use them on my winter commute bike; but I have become very fond of them as a little emergency led and am surprised how much I have actually get to use them, even so they are still going strong and on the original CR2106 batteries, of which it uses two.

For. Tiny versatile key ring size Led that can be fitted to a bike

Against. Not really bright enough to use as regular lamp

Written and reviewed by Paul Smith for