Squires mini Combination lock

Squires Retractable Mini Combination Cable Lock

Many of us often like to cycle at times carrying only a minimal amount of essentials, yet still have enough spares for emergencies.

This has become possible in part as over the years many items have reduced significantly in size, the compact multifunction mini tool replaces the tool kit, glue less patches for many replace the puncture kit, so we can venture out on our Sunday blast around the lanes with basic roadside essentials incase of emergencies.

On these occasions one item that often gets left behind is a heavy bulky padlock. Many will not plan to stop, or if they do it is at their favourite café in the middle of no where, perhaps sit with the bike in a pub garden, if we stop at a sweet shop to top up our energy treats the bike will only be vulnerable for such a short time a lock is surely not necessary? I dare say we have all done the latter and stood in the longer than expected queue at the checkout hoping that the treat was not going to also cost us the price of our pride and joy as well!

As such I like to carry something that will act as a slight deterrent or perhaps slow a would be thief just enough. The Squires combination lock has a very thin 600mm long cable that coils back into the housing, which in itself is so small it will fit into the palm of my hand, jersey pocket or seat pack. You can set to combination of your choice, then press the button to both release and recoil the cable.

Be under no illusion this is no heavy duty lock and shouldn’t be used a such, but to have something to use when I would not have normally taken anything, then it is ideal, such is the popularity of this type of lock that other manufacturers make similar products; Abus for example even have more than one to chose from!

For. Small, will fit into jersey pocket

Against. Substantial enough to be used as a slight deterrent only


Written and reviewed by Paul Smith for roadcyclinguk.com