Bike Fitting IN Surrey

A question I am often asked, "is it worth having a 'Bike Fit'?"; well let's see....

Bike Fitting in Surrey

Bike Fitting Studio C & N Cycles Redhill

I've been in the cycle industry for over thirty six years, during that time I've set up the cycling positions for literally thousands of riders. So if I've been doing it for so long has what we now call 'Bike Fit' changed? Well yes and no, we haven't invented a new cycling position and we haven't evolved that much physically as humans in the that time. The four key contact points of 'saddle height' and 'setback' then the 'reach' and 'drop' to bars are as similar now as they were back then. What has changed is that in the past I did it all by eye; and, it has to be said an experienced eye is still of immense value, but here in 2022 to get it absolutely perfect we now have the tools to finish the job. What we now get is so much more data, but it's what you do with that data that's important, it needs to be interpreted correctly then any alterations implemented as a result must be appropriate. There really no substitute to being fitted by someone with experience; after all any tool is only as effective as the person using it.

Arguably the most effective of these new tools is a modern Bike fitting jig, allowing us to fine tune the four key contact points, so you then know what you need to replicate on your either your 'current' or potential 'new bike'. Regarding the latter bike manufacturers normally list the relevant 'fit' data which can be replicated on the jig, so we are able to compare the bike fit of the various bikes you maybe considering; impressive as well being extremely useful, helping many with their choice of new bike. At C & N we actually have a purpose built 'Bike Fitting' suite where we can interview each rider covering cycle history, future goals and aspirations, any cycling limitations we need to make allowances for, a bad back, neck, knees or feet issues for example.

We take accurate physical measurements including, height, inseam, shoulder width plus a detailed analysis of each foot, arch height included, which we can then potentially match to either Bontrager biodynamic insoles or Sidas custom made footbeds; we optimise cleat positioning 'fore and aft', 'width/Q factor' and 'angulation'. We then obtain an assessment of flexibility, range of motion, stability and asymmetry; all this before the we even start to take your personal 'on the bike' measurements.

We take your accurate dimensions using the Shimano '' static jig

After the assessment, either on your own bike on our home trainer or using our custom made jig we are able study then adjust your set up; pedaling action, ankling, tracking and unique style, all play a part in the set up. We can clearly see your leg angle together with forward and aft positions over the bottom bracket, the latter often referred to as 'KOPS'- knee over pedal spindle as well 'BMR' (Body mass representation), both of which we elaborate on and explain in a plain, simple and clear manner during the 'fitting'. Two riders with exactly the same inseam and foot size may use a different ankling technique throughout the pedal revolution, both may differ but both may still be correct and need a different saddle height to achieve the correct leg angle as a result, so we need to allow for that.

We analyse each foot arch height to potentially match them to the appropriate 'Bontrager Biodynamic insoles' or 'Sidas' custom made footbeds

This is exactly where an experienced 'Bike Fit' specialists will be of value, as they need to find out what is influencing the rider's ankling, it may be their previous set up was wrong and they had been using that ankling style to compensate, as such this style will change with the correct set up, yet what the fitter may initially see is the rider out of habit still using this same compensatory style, so the fitter will need to factor that in when doing their analysis. A rider with developed quadriceps and slim calves versus someone of identical leg length but with large calves and less developed quadriceps will often ankle very differently to maximize their muscle groups respectively. Many take up cycling with a back ground in other sports and are as such novices to cycling, they often get on a bike and their muscle memory is such that it initially influences their pedalling action and ankling, in all the cases above an experienced fitter will make the necessary allowances that may be very specific to each rider.

'Sidas' custom made footbeds

(Being made for Jacob Vaughan who we later fitted)

'Bike Fit' naturally allows for each individuals goals and the bike used to achieve them, a road race bike will have a completely different fit to a low pro TT bike for example even though both are set up as race bikes, a Sportive bike may differ slightly from an Audax bike, potentially the set up of these two categories is close enough to be the same, although there are subtle differences which may, or may not result in a slightly different 'Bike Fit', these subtle position differences will be taken into consideration during the assessment. An Experienced fitter should make the whole process informative and educational, showing each rider how to evolve their position as they evolve as a rider. It's actually a very enjoyable and interesting process to go through, but the way we do it's also reassuringly very logical and easy to understand.

We measure 'sit bones' to make sure you have the correct saddle 'width' as well as 'posture' rating

Three items that have helped with bike fitting over recent years is the variety of saddles, shoes and footbeds that are now available. Understandably bike saddles play a major role in your fit, not only regarding comfort but the wrong saddle generally results in the rider shifting around which can often compromise other vital aspects of your bike fit. Saddles come in different shapes, widths, padding and centre channel cutaway, all combine and optimised around your riding position. The correct saddle width, length and posture rating and if needed a centre channel will only be right when your fit is right.

Bontrager Saddles come in a variety of widths, length's, posture rating and with or without a centre channel.

In this example the saddle has a width of 155mm and a 'performance' bike fit posture rating; often a valid choice for endurance road bikes, with the added peace of mind that it comes with the 'Bontrager comfort guarantee', so you can try it for a month then exchange for another if need be.

Although there are many quality shoes and it's important to make sure they fit properly (and something we also check), most generically have relatively 'low arch' support, as such a footbed that matches your requirements can help greatly with the interface between foot and pedal. To elaborate on something I briefly referenced earlier modern Footbeds can literally be moulded to your foot shape plus there are some generic very high quality 'low', 'medium' or 'high' arch Bontrager biodynamic insoles that often offer a great improvement over those originally fitted, which are often of low quality so even just upgrading the footbeds can both 'improve' as well as 'extend' life to an older pair of shoes.

The result is a far more accurate and secure connection which greatly helps with pedaling efficiency. Think of it in simple terms, your feet are what's at the end of your levers, the more accurate the connection the more efficient it is and the more comfortable it should be.

After the assessment we 'fit' you to your bike

In conclusion is 'Bike Fit' worth it, in short if done properly yes, very. After all it’s folly to invest hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a bike if it then isn't set up to fit you correctly. Many will quite rightly take great care to get the correct style of bike, in the correct size (although often a bike fit can help with that as well), with all the correct clothing, shoes and kit, yet with all these important factors in place then not have the correct set up on the bike, so they have to try harder than they need do and often get aches and pains they don’t need to have as a result.

'Bike Fitting Surrey', at C and N Cycles Redhill , we offer three different bike fit packages, from £60.00 up to £160.00, 'click for details'. To enquire about availability please complete the following form (click) and we will reply direct from the store; or if you have any queries by all means email me personally at

My personal Feedback from just a few of my recent bike fits:

Gary D, Ribble Gravel SL size Small: My experience with Paul and the bike fit process was so positive. Apart for my improved position on the bike (which l would have never worked out even with the help of online content) Paul’s knowledge of the process and the way he takes you on the journey to your best position was so rewarding. I can already feel after a few rides my shoulder complaint disappearing and way more power through the pedals! Edit from Paul. Gary had come to see us referencing right knee pain and on rides over 20K a "shoulder complaint". As expected the adjustments made to optimise his position and cleat set up not only resulted in "way more power through the pedals" but has also alleviated both his knee pain and soreness across his shoulders.

Cheryl B, Specialized Allez 54. I went for a bike fit carried out by Paul. He was very thorough and very helpful. He also gave me lots of advice and as I'm fairly new to road cycling I found that extremely helpful. I went out on my bike yesterday after the bike fit and certainly noticed a difference. It has certainly improved the way I ride. Edit from Paul. Cheryl had the correct size bike but was having saddle issues, we changed the saddle to one with the correct sit bone width posture rating as well as optimised the position (saddle went up 22mm and setback increased by 18mm).

Dr Christian P, Cervelo S2 58cm: Hi Paul, Went for a high effort workout 😂 bike felt amazing! Felt so much more connected to the bike and arms weren’t aching at all. Thanks again!! Edit from Paul. Christian had been having saddle discomfort and pain in both arms, he also felt that his position was just wrong and didn't feel "connected" to the bike. He actually had the correct saddle just the wrong bike fit, once optimised not only did this help with the saddle issue and pain in both arms but it also resulted in Christian commenting that the "bike felt amazing! Felt so much more connected".

Jason T, Planet X Exocet 2 TT Bike with Tri Bars: I'm relatively new to cycling and me being me got a little ambitious during the lockdown and booked in for Ironman Staffordshire on the 12th of June. Without any advice or real knowledge, I went out and got myself a cool looking TT bike. I mean this bike looks great but as I soon discovered it's a beast to ride. I was listening to someone and heard a bike fit is one of the best investments when first starting out. Initially I thought this can't be right; I mean how hard can it be to adjust your seat height! So I turn up at C & N Cycles early, feeling a little sceptical about what I might get for my money. First of all, I was early and the good news, there are plenty of places to eat within a few mins of the shop and parking was easy. I left the bike in the shop for food and and when I went back Paul already had it set up on the jig and instantly made me feel welcome.

The bike fit is intense, it covers so much from cleat position to how your arse cheekbones fit on the saddle using a sensor pad (edit from Paul, Click). Then, Paul, has you flexing and stretching like some yoga guru (edit from Paul, nothing strenuous, we analyse your range of motion and stability, including toe touch, hip flex, reach, plank and Thomas test); all the time explaining why and what he is checking for. I feel like I walked into the shop a real novice and came out feeling confident that the changes made to my ride position would greatly improve my ability to get through the 56 miles at Staffordshire. Paul's knowledge and passion for cycling are just awesome and I would certainly recommend his bike fitting service in Redhill. I'm not local and travelled from Heathrow which didn't take long. It is also important to mention that Paul is not a salesman, in fact, quite the opposite he made plenty of suggestions but does not push any products on you. I would highly recommend the service as you will get far more than just a bike fit if you listen to Paul. Thanks again Jason

Elliot M, Canyon Endurace CF. Hi Paul, I'd just like to say thank you again for your time with the bike fit. I've had 2 rides and already feel massively more comfortable on the bike, more compact and efficient, and also no issues with cramp on first ride (40km); thank you for already so much improvement. Edit from Paul. Elliot had been having issues with cramp in both quads, the adjustments made helped with that issue and generally that will improve as he gets more and more used to the new position.

Adam C, Trek Émonda SL5 Disc: Excellent bike fit with Paul, very knowledgeable and taught me loads. Really thorough, a definite improvement to my bike. Would highly recommend the bike fit. Edit from Paul. Adam required minor adjustments only, which included cleat set up, repositioning the forward/aft saddle set up plus raising bar height/reducing reach; yet these small adjustments still resulted in a "definite improvement", highlighting just how important the correct fit is.

Mark H, Giant Defy XL. Very professional and knowledgeable, the bike fitting has made a big difference to my rides. As a person who has done a few 100k rides before but is now planning a 300k ride in a few months, getting a proper bike fitting was an excellent recommendation from a friend! I also recommend it to anyone who spends a fair amount of time in the saddle! Edit from Paul. Mark had the correct size bike just with the wrong set up, once corrected the conclusion was "the bike fitting has made a big difference to my rides"; the perfect outcome.

Jon S, Trek Émonda SL 6 Disc 58cm, Hi Paul, it was a brilliant experience, I honestly can't believe how it helped instantly. Appreciate I need to take it easy and bed in the new position, but my right knee instantly had so much less pain. The outcome once the setup changes were made was almost unbelievable. The ride position feels amazing, also love the look of the flat saddle, can't believe I had it so wrong for so long. I called past the office after my ride today (70k) to say thanks again but must have just missed you. Edit from Paul. Jon had been riding his Trek Émonda for about a year and was struggling with the reach to the bars and knee pain. Both cleats were reset, medium arch footbeds were fitted plus 2 x varus forefoot Shims, all combined to improve and stabilise tracking accuracy and help reduce knee pain. In addition Jon had been riding too low and too far forward with the saddle at the wrong angle, all of which we were able to correct as the bike he had bought was the correct size. In reality this was the perfect outcome, Jon had the correct size bike but just set up incorrectly, once amended Jon not only felt an improvement but the bike handled as it should.

Rachel Orro Venturi : Paul was really knowledgeable and helpful. The bike fit was very thorough, and I took a lot of useful knowledge and tips away from it. I'm already feeling the benefits from it, and love my new Orro Venturi - so am very chuffed with the overall experience. Thank you! Edit from Paul. Rachel bought the Orro Venturi from us and as part of our service for bikes over £2500.00 we included a bike fit on collection.

Hadley Lyas 'Tri Surrey'; Ridley Dean TT Bike: Paul was excellent again. Understood what I wanted and set it up perfectly; rode yesterday and felt just great: Edit from Paul. Hadley had this fit on what was a new bike to him that he intends to use for a full iron man triathlon in 2022. As you may have deduced from his comments we had previously fitted Hadley in 2019 to his 'Storck Scenero' road bike, so he knew the value of the correct set up and was understanbly keen to have his new bike perfect from day one.

Joe, Colnago CX Zero : Paul. A quick note to thank you very much for the bike fit you ran for my son Joe a couple of months ago. He was really impressed at the attention to detail and insights he gained from the session. He claims it made him faster and a lot more comfortable on the bike, and that all added up to him successfully completing his London - Brighton - Oxford - London ride; 215 miles by the day's end. And he made it back in time for last orders. Again, many thanks for a superb service. Regards Rob Hatley Edit from Paul. Joe came to see referencing lower back and wrist discomfort, he was naturally concerned as he as about to take part in that 215 mile charity ride. After the assessment we raised the saddle 25mm and set it back an additional 44mm to achieve ideal ‘KOPS’ (Knee over pedal spindle) and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation). Joe's cleats were reset to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing; low arch footbeds fitted, plus 2 x varus forefoot Shims. As you can see all combined to help with both Joe's power transfer and comfort, the latter alleviated the lower back and wrist issue. 215 miles is a very impressive mileage for a day's ride; chapueax to Joe.

Sirous Mohammadi: Planet X pro Carbon Medium: Hi Paul, my neck pain has disappeared; thanks to you no more pain; edit from Paul Sirous came to see us after having a new right hip and referencing that his left shoulder and neck hurts after 45 mins. Saddle raised and effectively set back to achieve ideal ‘KOPS’ (Knee over pedal spindle) and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation), the latter in effect improving posture and alleviating the neck issue.

Steve Grout: Cannondale Super Six 54cm and a Cervello TT Bike: Had a couple of bike fits and found process and outcome really good. Also they done some work on bikes and always excellent work. Always seem to give best advice rather than make money out of you! Importantly a nice team, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jack, Cannondale Caad 9: I had the bike fit with Paul. It was a relaxed and interesting morning in the shop. Paul made some really beneficial changes to my bikes setup that resulted in significant improvements on the road. What was particularly reassuring was that while the shop is kitted out with all the necessary equipment, and Paul can draw on best practice, he also has a wealth of experience from working with a variety of riders.

David: Cube Attain 56cm: An amazing bike fit from Paul. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He also took time to adjust my gears. Absolutely perfect service.

Keith, 'Look 765 optimum' size Medium: An honest and informative bike fit with Paul. A new experience for me, but one that was very beneficial. Would certainly recommend. Time and money well spent; definitely more efficient and quicker.

Christiane, Specialized Amira DI2: Extremely thorough and well explained bike fit, absolutely brilliant; what a difference in power!

Peter, Trek Madone 58cm: Paul did a great job fitting me to my bike and helping me understand all aspects of the fit. Tremendous service and would definitely recommend: Edit from Paul. Peter had pins and needles arms, as well as pins and needles in both feet. Cleats were reset to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing; Bontrager inForm BioDynamic Low Arch Insoles fitted and 2 x Varus Shims. Bar rotated to reduce weight through hands

Greg: Sizing fit : Went for a bike fitting. A very thorough and friendly assessment which gives me confidence that my new bike will a great ride. Edit from Paul: Greg came to see us for a sizing fit for a Trek Domane + power assist bike, after the physical assessment we set up our custom fitting jig to the relevant size options so that Greg could 'feel' exactly how his new bike will be interms of bike fitting. As is often the case more than one size is viable, a 'bike fit' will help conclude exactly which of those being considered is the most suitable.

Thalia: Boardman ALR : The bike fit was really helpful and the bike feels much better now. The ride home was absolutely fine, and I actually did quite a hard ride on it the next day but with no issues. Edit from Paul. Saddle height increased by 40mm and setback an additional 12mm, Thalia was very flexible and even though saddle height was increased significantly we were able to lower the front end by 10mm

Dan: Canyon Ultimate CF, size medium: Already improved my cycling power transfer so has made immediate impact; loved the in-depth knowledge and context Paul gave

Gareth: Specialized Allez 54: The essential bike fit with Paul was fantastic. Edit from Paul. Gareth had flat pedals so only needed an 'essential fit'. He had been suffering with 'stiff' shoulders quite soon into a ride. The saddle was raised 30mm and the setback increased by 19mm. This helped to not only increase power but helped achieve an ideal ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation), reducing weight on his arms and tension across his shoulders.

Shyam: Boardman ADV 8.9 lg: Many thanks for taking the time to do my bike fit. Found the whole experience very useful and it's worked great with my riding.

I've done a few miles since and I have come away with quite a few positive observations: Power is up by 20% for the same effort, big win! Cadence has dropped from an average of 90 rpm to low 80's. Generally feel more at one with the bike. No issue with the left foot! Feels fine.

Edit from Paul: Shyam came to see us with two issues; Carpal tunnel (a condition that causes numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hands) as well as a pain in his left foot. After the assessment the saddle raised & set back to achieve ideal ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation) both combining to help alleviate the 'carpal tunnel' issue. Both cleats were set to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing which helped with the foot issue; bars were lowered 25mm.

Primo: Ribble R872: Had a great first-ever bike fit with Paul. He took his time and explained everything brilliantly, focussing on my physiology before getting anywhere near the bike. It's very obvious that Paul knows his stuff but has such a nice manner that I never felt I was being sold to or (even worse) talked down to as often happens when someone is an expert.

I was in my session for over 2 hours and so this was excellent value for money - many other places I considered charged more than double the price of C&N. Would recommend to anyone who wants to make the most of their cycling.

Rowena: 'Liv' Road bike: Very friendly and super knowledgeable. In my 'bike fitting' with Paul he took the time to explain things to me at a level I understood, put me at ease very quickly and did a great job with my bike that I left with them for servicing. I’d add I’m still a beginner cyclist - there was no sense than I was treated any differently to professional riders that they have fitted. Thanks all, Rowena.

Matt:Trek Emonda ALR5, 'sizing' then 'collection fit': Wow, I just did my maiden voyage on the purple beast and it was amazing 40km’s around box hill. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your great advice and Paul for such incredible passion and knowledge whilst fitting the bike, it fits like a glove, or a bike that’s meant to fit. All the best guys and thanks again for helping me pick such an awesome machine.

Mark: Excellent service for the customised Sidas foot beds - well worth getting and although slightly more expensive than off the shelf ones, they make a huge difference. Good, knowledgeable service.

Richard and Liz Gearing: We have been delighted with the service and advice offered by Paul. From an initial visit to determine exactly what bikes would best suit our 'road bike' requirements Paul has helped understand and direct us towards bikes we feel comfortable with. Paul takes the time with you as a customer and has now helped with the final fittings for our bikes as well as helping to sort fittings and fixtures. He also took time to take us through tips for new Garmin we purchased. Edit from Paul: As part of our service we offer a 'sizing fit' to work out not only what model-type of bike is the most suitable, but just as significant what size is the most suitable, in addition when the bike arrives we offer a 'collection fit' so that the whole set up is perfect for each rider.

Álvaro García: Cube Attain Race: As soon as I got home my friends and I went out to Windsor for a ride. Numbers were pretty good even though the weather conditions were awful (too windy) we still managed to do 90 km with an average of 27.4 km/h. And guess what, no pain, no uncomfortable posture, Sidas footbeds were really good, it felt like I was riding like that for ages, my body gave me a great feedback from the fit, so hats off for you Paul; you have done an amazing job. It was an amazing experience the service was outstanding and the amount of advice and knowledge I got from the session was priceless. Thanks a lot Paul and will be in touch for sure!

Danny: I bought a Cannondale System Six and adjusted the fit by feel. I decided to seek a professional fit and choose C&N due to the vast experience and rave reviews. In the time spent with them I learnt a lot about micro adjustments to the bike and myself. I would recommend C&N to anyone from novice to a pro

Veselka Marinova, 'Cannondale Top Stone': Very knowledgeable and experience people work at the shop; I had a thorough and detailed bike fit. Bike feels better now, numbness in the hands is significantly reduced. I hope that with few more rides it will disappear completely. I will recommend your services to all my cycling friends. Thank you guys! Edit from Paul Veselka had been having an issue with numbness in both hands that had been getting worse even though there had been no change to her bike. Initially she noticed this issue in the Prudential Ride 100 after 60 miles, but it was becoming an issue much sooner; after only 2-3 miles! Veselka's leg extension was slightly over extending, lowering her saddle and adjusting the saddle set back helped improve her 'bmr-body mass ratio' reducing pressure on both hands, altering the bar height and angle also improved her hand positioning resulting in more comfort and improved blood flow; all helped with reducing hand numbness.

Richard, Boardman Team CX I used the Redhill shop many years ago for bike servicing when I worked locally. The staff were always friendly and the quality of what they did was always very good. Move on many years, I have retired and no longer work locally. Now looking for a 'bike fit' a friend recommended the same shop. Some of the staff were the same which was reassuring but more important the quality of the bike fit itself was outstanding. This was solely down to the individual who carried out the fit. Paul was clearly very experienced in what he does and that showed throughout the time I was there. Every aspect was clearly explained and as the cyclist I always felt that I was key to the process which for me was so important. Cannot thank Paul enough for the work he did and cannot recommend both him and this shop highly enough. Fantastic experience.

Joel Wormald: Orro Venturi Large. Dynamic bike fit: Paul is a great bike fitter and takes the time to explain everything Edit from Paul: Joel's motivation for a fitting was Lower back pain at the end of high effort long ride and left knee pain. Saddle raised 19mm and set back by an additional 17mm to achieve ideal ‘KOPS’ (Knee over pedal spindle) and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation) combines to alleviate lower back issue and also helped with left knee problem, in addition the to reduce the latter we fitted custom made Sidas Footbeds .

John Allen: Trek Domane SL 5 54 Rage Red/Trek Black sizing and collection fit: I had a great experience with C&N Cyles. From my initial phone inquiry about stock levels, then communication over the next few days, through to purchase, collection and finally a safe 'bike fit' with Paul who was extremely professional and is for sure, a master of his craft. I learnt a great deal and would certainly purchase from C&N again. Kudos!

Ed, Kinesis GF Ti 60cm. Thank you for a great bike fit. Bike is much more comfortable now. Definitely recommend! Edit from Paul, Ed had sore knees,a sore shoulder -right side, and a sore lower back. Both cleats set to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing; plus saddle lowered 20mm as Ed had been overextending, both helping to reduce the knee issues. We also reset saddle setback which helped with his BMR’ (Body mass representation) to alleviate his lower back and sore neck.

Frances 'Canyon Speedmax ' TT Bike (we fitted Frances earlier in the year to her Dolan Road bike): Once again Paul demonstrated his considerable experience and expertise and has transformed the comfort and handling of my TT bike - looking forward to smashing out some serious PBs on it now! Thanks Paul! Edit from Paul Frances was finding hew new TT bike uncomfortable and unstable to the extent that she was struggling to gain confidence in what are often quite difficult bikes to get used to anyway! Adjusting saddle height and setback as well as the TT bar extensions helped to engage her core and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation) which both helped with how stable and comfortable the bike felt

Stuart Nash, 'Cannondale Super Six' : Hi Paul, Just an update on todays 'Redhill Cycling Club' ride. This morning I rode nearly 70 miles with RCC with no issues at all. Also achieved over 25 PRs on Strava so I think that it speaks for itself. I am definitely stronger up the long drags as you pointed out and also was 1st out of 13 riders up the big climbs of the day including Leith Hill. There were also some comments from other riders saying how strong I was on the bike today and I think you might get a few in for a bike fit. Once again Paul many thanks for last weeks bike fit and I wish I had it done years ago! Kind regards; Stuart. Edit from Paul, Before the 'fit' Stuart had been having neck and lower back and right knee issues plus the saddle was uncomfortable, correcting saddle height and setback, cleat positioning and fitting a more appropriate saddle cured all those issues.

Andrew Mitchel Specialized Allez 58cm: Just a note of thanks for the opportunity to draw upon your evident expertise yesterday; I rode today and the bike feels noticeably quicker, more comfortable and more thank you Edit from Paul Saddle height increased from 773mm to 804mm, setback also increased, cleats set to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing and Bontrager inForm BioDynamic High Arch Insoles fitted.

Lena Giebelmann, 'Ribble R872' road bike: I rode the Ribble on Sunday and Monday and no numb feet on both days! Thanks again for your help. Edit from Paul, Lena had undergone surgery on both feet and had suffered numb feet since the operation. As part of a Dynamic fit we reset her cleats to ‘ball of foot’ with correct ‘angulation’ and ‘Q’ factor spacing as well as fitted medium arch footbeds, all combined to help alleviate these issues

Jack Brennan Cannondale Caad 9, original USA built 58cm. I had the bike fit with Paul. It was a relaxed and interesting morning in the shop. Paul made some really beneficial changes to my bikes setup that should result in significant improvements on the road. What was particularly reassuring was that while the shop is kitted out with all the necessary equipment, and Paul can draw on best practice, he also has a wealth of experience from working with a variety of riders C and N Edit from Paul. Cleats reset to ball of foot over pedal axle and correct angulation. Saddle raised 21mm and effectively set back to improve ideal ‘KOPS’ (Knee over pedal spindle) and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation).

Frances and Andy Sheehan, both had Dolan Road bikes. Hi Paul. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for sorting us out on Saturday - it has made such a difference already! We had an incredible ride yesterday, and, as you predicted, Andy noticed massive improvements!!! He is already going much faster on the flat, and I had to work an awful lot harder to keep up with him on the hills. I definitely felt more powerful too, and more smooth and stable cornering and descending. The new saddle is great - much, much more comfortable.

Thank you for being so patient and kind regarding our relative inexperience, it is all very much appreciated. Hope to see you again soon. Best wishes. Fran

David Jorr, Canyon Endurance AL7. Hi Paul, thankyou so much for yesterday, it was a real pleasure; I learned a lot. My back was not as bad a problem as for many others, but the readjustment you made made an immediate difference. Time will tell in the longer term, I am so glad I met Amy last summer on our Mont Ventoux tour. Now I feel I have found a really good LBS which every cyclist needs...even though it isn't very local! I will need to get more things in future. Cycling really is a life affirming sport and yesterday was another Bravo moment. Best wishes David. C and N Edit from Paul. Cleats reset to ball of foot over pedal axle and correct angulation. Saddle lowered and effectively set back to improve ideal ‘KOPS’ (Knee over pedal spindle) and ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation), all combined to reduce stress on David's back and help reduce an issue with a sore sacroiliac joint

Martin Verrall BMC Road racer sl02: The service was excellent. Paul walked me through each step, gave me the information I needed, was happy to explain what he was doing and why it was important. His enthusiasm for cycling and wanting to help people enjoy their rides more by being in a good position on the bike is clear. He wasn't pushing sales, in fact he suggested a cheap replacement set of bars to try to ensure they were the right fit, and that I then upgrade once I am happy after testing for the season. Overall I was extremely satisfied and felt that I received excellent value for money. I will be bringing my bike in for future servicing needs, as well as upgrades

Eddie Jenvey 'Sizing fit' on his Trek Madone for a Trek Domane: Following up on your changes to my Madone, now that I have had a more representative ride, a club ride of about 30 miles yesterday, my most significant impression was of the almost complete absence of leg fatigue. I found it much easier to keep pace with the group. The overall result is very encouraging and I will undoubtedly be sticking with your settings. I find it amazing to think that for a number of years I have unknowingly handicapped myself with a poor setup.I am looking forward to more club runs through the month of November, and even more so to the delivery and riding of the Domane.

Michael Bloomfield 'Cube SCR LITENING'. Paul. Thanks for sending over the bike fit data, and more importantly thank you so much for your time on Saturday. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the bike fit - the whole experience was really interesting and I'm really pleased with the result. I actually rode the bike into work on Monday (instead of my normal commuting bike, the Bianchi) and it felt comfortable and certainly faster than before. You made the whole experience really enjoyable and easy to understand, thank you so much again, Michael. C and N edit, Saddle went up 40mm and setback increased from 59 to 89mm, the leg angle went from 45 to 30 degrees and the setback helped to engage the core to alleviate shoulder and neck pain as Michael now had the correct ‘BMR’ (Body mass representation); shorter stem fitted and bars lowered.

Chris Rooney Trek Domane 54cm: I completed my normal training route with numerous personal best times on Strava. I felt less fatigued, more comfortable and more powerful. Climbing Box Hill I again felt more power climbing in the saddle, transfering from an 'in the saddle' to an 'out of the saddle effort' on a climb also seemed far more fluid than before: Edit from Paul, saddle raised, nose lowered and set back, bars dropped, Chris's 'fit' was greatly helped by having correct bike, in the correct specification, in the correct size, this was in conclusion the perfect fit.

David Moss 58cm Specialized Tarmac. Hi Paul, Wow what a great job you have done to my bike, It’s a dream to ride, been out today covered 50 miles, set loads of PB on Strava so clearly a lot faster and a joy to ride. Thanks Again, Dave

Trevor Browse, sizing fit 'Focus' road bike: Excellent ride back with new saddle height; felt like a different bike. Edit from Paul, the 'sizing' fit was to determine the size of a new Trek Domane SL6 Disc. There is often value using a current bike to 'size' a new one, providing the current bike is set up correctly of course. In Trevor's case we raised his saddle nearly 20mm, for many that could mean they actually need a different size bike, so if they'd based the size of their new bike size, on their current fit, on their current bike, they may have ending up buying the wrong size; you'll be amazed how often we see that!

Andrew Robinson 54cm Specialized Roubaix. The bike fit has been a revelation, no more stiffness and really back enjoying the riding again. Thanks so much, best regards, Andrew. Edit from Paul, Andrew's goals were to get back to pain free cycling as he had been having lower back issues

Mark, Trek Domane. I've Just came back from the high mountains after the bike fit, it made a big difference; to be honest I'm actually quite surprised just how much difference it made! Really, really pleased Paul, thank you.

John Bell Cervelo Rd bike. I am very pleased that I made the decision to have a bike fitting with C&N. Even though I was able cycle for long distances (80 miles +) without issues, I felt that I was not getting the most out of my rides and wanted to optimise my position to get more speed on my longer rides.

I spent over 2 hours with Paul, who spent considerable time discussing my riding objectives and taking numerous measurements before making various adjustments to my bike and cleats.

By the end of the fitting my riding position had changed dramatically, with a significantly higher saddle and much lower handlebars. We discussed whether the changes were too much for 1 hit but decided to give it go.

I felt a bit tight across the shoulders during my first couple of rides so went back to see Paul. He offered to raise the bars but thought that I might be tensing up too much and suggested that I make conscious effort to relax in the new position. This tip worked and no further adjustments were required.

A few months on, I am very happy with my new riding position. I’m riding faster and feel that I am now getting the most out of my rides, especially when I decide to push hard. I would highly recommend the both the fitting and the after-service provided by C&N. John Bell

Denise, Cannondale Synapse 48cm. I'm really pleased with the bike fitting. I don't get back ache at all now, and the cycling definitely feels easier than it used to. My friend Sue used to drop my on Tilburstow Hill; last weekend. I had to stop to wait for her - twice!! Ha ha! Thanks again.

Robert, Trek Domane 54cm: Before the bike fit my cycling friend would drop me on a ride; after the bike fit for the very first time I dropped him; happy!

Richard, Wiler Zero 7 Medium, Bike fit made a big difference Paul; feel more powerful and more efficient; just completed 'Ride London 100' in 4 hrs-10 mins. (Saddle was raised from 777mm to 792mm and setback increased from 50 to 80mm).

Gary, Trek Domane 54cm. Hi Paul, just wanted to say thank you for the bike fit and what a great difference it has made; I did the 46 miles (Ride London) on Sunday in 2hrs 40min which having never been past 31 miles before I was very happy with.

Kieran Mekk Poggio 1.6, 54cm. What seemed like small subtle differences made during the fit actually translated to alleviating all the issues I came in with; many thanks Paul.

Brian: Bianchi C2C: Many thanks for setting me up on my new bike Paul, worked at treat, and yes I successfully completed my 'London to Paris'challenge; thanks again.

Jacqueline: Nirone 7 Dama: My bike after the fitting feels REALLY GOOD, so thank you! I think you did the perfect job

Bob, Trek 1.2: I couldn't believe the difference Paul, in comparison to what it was prior to the fitting it now feels effortless

Dawn, Specialized Ruby. On my first ride after the bike fit, bike isn't twitchy at all and I feel I've got more control. With the narrow handle bars, I feel more tucked in as well. Pedalling feels smoother, gear change is smooth and quiet. Many thanks to Paul and you for the bike fit, my Ruby really feels like a new bike. All the best to C&N Cycles.

Phill Tromans Hello Paul, hope you're well. You'll be pleased to hear that the fit seems to have had a really good effect on my riding; after a month I've felt much stronger all round and have been able to ride faster and for longer. Phill Tromans

Chris White, 58cm Speclialized Allez, email sent in reply to our email attaching Chris's bike fit data: Dear Paul, Thank you ever so much for this, it was truly a pleasure meeting you yesterday and I really felt like you took your time and cared, to ensure I got the best possible fit and experience. It counts for a lot. Indeed, I was so happy with the ride home, I got out on my bike again this morning and out for 80miles tomorrow morning in the new Forrest. Fantastic...Edit from PaulChris saddle height went from 794 to 822mm, 130mm stem fitted and bars rotated to increase reach. Edit Fours years later the fit remains identical and all issues that inspired Chris needing a fitting were resolved.

Dan Hunt: Giant Propel. Thanks for the time yesterday, sat in the turbo last night for an hour and could feel the difference...

Dawn: Bike fit was more thorough than I'd imagined and has transformed my riding and comfort on the bike with a few clever adjustments. Can't thank you guys enough.

Julian, Specialized Allez 56cm: Saddle height was increased from 735mm to 757mm, before the 'fit' it just felt wrong, now it simply doesn't; it feels perfectly natural and more efficient; I can ride for miles now!

Hannah Vaughan‏ @HannahVaughan91: Great bike fitting this morning at @candncycles 😊 can't wait to pick up my Trek Emonda in a few days!

Guy, Planet X Pro Carbon: First ride after the fit I timed myself as usual up a climb I have ridden literally hundreds of times on my daily commute; I have never been so fast.

Rob, 'Whyte Suffolk': Thanks you for fitting session Paul, it has proved very useful and I learnt a lot also. My commute time was almost immediately down by about 5 mins on average, with less fatigue. My times are steadily improving also as the legs get used to the new position! So all in all a very good return. Kind regards, Rob

Bhuvant, Giant Defy: The bike fit simply made a big difference Paul

Stewart, Trek Domane: I was just quicker, I was significantly quicker, by minutes, not seconds!

Simon: Boardman Team Road. Just as you said, I instantly noticed a difference, feeling more power and vastly improved endurance.

Crispin,, Specialized Allez. The changes you made did have a direct effect best demonstrated immediately after I had seen you. The hill climb described on Strava as 'Fullers Wood Top section’ takes me normally around 4’40”. After your adjustments I did this in 4’07”, a similar result on a number of other sections on my route. So really pleased, thank you.

Jeremy, Van Nicholas Yukon. Thank you so much for the fitting Paul, very informative and first ride out I felt stronger, more comfortable and far more 'man and machine in perfect harmony'; it was like I was part of the bike and not just sitting on it fighting it!

Steve, Cervelo TT Bike. You were right, it made a difference; PB in first two time trials!

Neil, Trek Emonda: Just to let you know the bike felt incredible and the fit is very comfortable. Overall I'm thrilled with the purchase. Think I'm going to be spending plenty of time in the saddle from now on! Massive thanks to you and the team, particularly for the fitting, which feels great.

Joanne,: First ride after my Bike Fit a not very fit me did a PB on Box Hill!

All listed below from Enigma Bicycleworks where I worked until June 2016

Neil: Bike great - 50 miles ridden, stem exactly right, higher saddle a revelation... Two Strava KoMs in the last 10 days...Neil (Click the following link for an account by Neil for

Steve: I have had my first real ride yesterday evening with the CTC and the changes you made to the geometry on my Cannondale became apparent. I was noticeably much faster and even the hill climbing seemed easier. Also I think as I become more used to the different riding position there will be more performance to come. The only downside is that I may be banished to the fast group as 22 mph plus on the flat with no drafting is a bit above the moderate group pace. Edit:I have now done longer distances including a 98 mile ride with some fairly stiff gradients and the new set up worked fine for that especially as I am now getting more used to it.

Andy: You were absolutely right about the extra 30 mm of saddle height on my current bike. A great improvement and I haven't looked back since.Regards, Andy.

Mark: The bike fit was a huge help. I have less strain in my shoulders, and yet I can still get low on the drops and out of the air. You're assessment of needing to move back 20-30mm was spot on. I'm riding on the hoods now, rather than back on the top 'bends' before the hoods.

Nick: Thanks again for yesterday. I had a great ride back. Roads wet but not too bad and the bike is a treat. Comfortable but lively. Must be the combination of that lovely frame and that expert bike fit!

Grigor Wallace 'British Best All Rounder' Bronze Medalist 2013 Via Twitter: Grigor Wallace @velopeak @Smithsrcc @ bike fit he said layback post, I said straight, now changed 2 layback #bikefitterknowsbest

Martin: I went out on my usual club run on Saturday featuring 80 miles and 5500 feet of climbing. You may recall you heightened by saddle by 14mm which was obviously a significant increase. The good news is that I had less back pain than normal and the handling was not altered. If anything I felt more at one with the bike.

Derek: If you recall, when you did the finished set up you raised the saddle height by 2 cm and shortened the stem (I think) to 110cms. I now know that you were definitely right on both measures. The saddle height seems to have cleared some knee and hip problems that I was getting.