Limar 104 Pro Helmet

Limar 104 Pro Helmet

My total mileage since I began cycling must by now be well over 100’000 miles, now I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have come off and hit my head, I have heard all the pros and cons about the effectiveness, or not, of cycle helmets, but I will tell you this much, on the occasions where my head has made contact with the road, I much preferred the occasions when there was a layer of helmet between my head and point of contact, as such for the last ten years or so I have chosen to wear a helmet. There is another reason, as my age increases, the amount of hair on my head decreases, as such if I am not careful I can easily get a hot burnt head in the summer, I find a well ventilated helmet actually acts like a sun hat, keeping me both cooler and to a degree, protected from the sun.

Unless I have had the misfortune of hitting my head while wearing one then on average I replace my cycle helmet every eighteen months or so. Every time this has me trying all the latest models on for size and comfort, so when Limar introduced this new 104 model that claimed to lightest on the market, starting at under 200 grams for their SM/MD size, it caught my attention.

Helmets are a very personal choice, not so much interms of size as most modern helmets from the popular manufactures are very adjustable, they are however often different in shape, some are more round than others for example, this is one reason that a good bike shop will offer a choice of manufacturer, I would always recommend you try one on before you buy. The shape of this Limar helmet fitted me very well with no uncomfortable pressure points, I could also use the dial on the retention system to obtain the desired size, so suited me personally in both comfort and fit.

Limar 104 Pro Helmet

One reason I found it comfortable is that the retention system is not positioned as low some manufacturers, the retention system is not only what is used to adjust size but helps to stop the helmet rotating backwards, if set low I find that some can dig into the back of my head. The downside of course is that this will mean that it will not be quite as secure, although I felt it was more than adequate for my liking. Cycle helmets are normally about compromise, if uncomfortable or to hot most riders would not bother wearing them, after all if it purely about protection we would all be wearing full face motor bike helmets.

Having 22 vents, some quite large, I would expect this to be cool enough for those hot summer days, this time of year I use an under helmet cap to keep me warm. I personally quite like the styling of this helmet, some I have owned are inclined to be a bit aero styled for my liking, this Limar striking just the right balance, as does the price, £63.99 (note that was in 2007, later models now more of course) for a helmet this light and this well ventilated makes it extremely competitive. If I had to list anything negative then I could mention I noticed that the chin strap adjusters slip a bit easier than they do on some I have used, although all this means is that they need readjusting a bit more more often, as I like to have the strap quite tight, the adjusters located just under each ear as I feel this helps to secure the helmet better than if I have them set lower.

Even when it was hot and humid I found it was cool; just like a sun hat!

Now I would not go as far as saying I enjoy wearing it, but of all the cycle helmets I have ever used this has been the one I am the least reluctant to put on and as such it is my favourite.

I still have my Limar 104 Pro in 2024.

As an update in 2024 I also use a Bontrager Circuit (click for current model). I initially chose that model because of the magnetic light mounts, which integrate with their Bontrager leds. I use their small very neat flares all year round, marketed as 'daytime running lights' I find them bright enough for my commute on lit roads; in addition as you'd expect I also have traditional lighting on the bike. Note the brackets will take most of the Bontrager leds should you want something brighter to 'see' as well as be 'seen', including the larger brighter front models and Flare RT Rear. Although this helmet is heavier, to me personally it really makes no difference to the experience of wearing it. Much of that weight is down to the fact there is more helmet that at least can give a perception of a higher level of protection; whether it does or not I would not like to say! I am also becoming sensitive to that fact that the Limar is now quite old, so although I bought the Bontrager Circuit helmet because I could attach lights, even if I don't have them fitted (I didn't have them on for my cycle around the Viking Coastal Trail for example) in reality it has pretty much now become my 'go to' helmet.

 Limar 104 Pro Helmet Conclusion:

For: Very light, well vented and competitive price for specification

Against. Chin strap adjusters do not stay in position quite as well as other manufacturers.

Value 9

Performance 8

Overall 8

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